Free printable planner templates

If you’re searching for free printable planner templates, look no further – we’ve rounded up some of the best options around to save you time and effort before you get planning! We know how many there are out there, so we’ve narrowed it way down to make choosing easier too.

Bonus: These are all really printer friendly – basic and practical, with bonus karma points for helping out the environment (double the karma if you use recycled paper or laminate and re-use!)

free printable planning templates cover image


Daily Planners:


This free daily planner printable features dedicated areas for reminders, notes, and tasks/priorities….very helpful if you have so many things to do that it’s hard to keep priorities straight!

free printable planner templates for your day


This free daily planner template has a little bit of everything. If you need to track your water intake, your priorities, your grocery list, plan your meals, your appointments and keep your house in order as you work, then this one may just be your new favorite freebie!

free printable planner template for your daily routine


Free printable Work Day planner:

You really only need one. This free printable work day planner lets you print out only the work day hours you need. You can choose from 8-4 or 9-5 and each block has a good amount of space.

Free printable planner templates daily block format

Free printable planner templates for your week:

We love this free printable DIY planner! It shows you the 5 day week at a glance in horizontal format, with dedicated spaces for daily goals and notes.

free printable planner template weekly notes and schedule

If you want a free printable basic weekly planner, here’s your best choice. A simple 7 day block-format calendar with lines for your plans and notes. Just the facts, ma’am!

free printable daily planner

Free printable monthly planners:


If you don’t need a whole lot of space to write, this free printable month at a glance calendar is just what you need. You could always set your printer to print it over 4 pages if you wanted a big one, too (cover in clear laminated shelf paper for a permanent re-usable wall or fridge board)

free printable month at a glance blank calendar

If you need some color, but you still want to go light on printer cartridges, you’ll like this cheerful month at a glance planner. It has blocks for your days and a notes section that runs down the entire right hand side.


free printable colored month at a glance planner

Are there specific features you’re having trouble finding? Do you have a printer-friendly freebie you’d like to share? Please leave us a comment!